Video Tutorials

Published UT DocuSign Videos:

Related Videos:

  • DocuSign Video Tour 
    • One minute video. Quick tour of sending and managing envelopes and using dashboard for monitoring sent envelopes.
  • Sending Envelopes
    • One & a half minute video.
  • Managing Sent Envelopes
    • One minute video. 
  • Correcting an Envelope
    • One & a half minute video. Correcting a document envelope that has been sent but not yet completed.
  • Creating Templates
    • One & a half minute video. Creating a template for easy reuse of document(s), recipients, tags.
  • Template Matching
    • One minute video. Intelligent document recognition for new documents that match existing templates.
  • Signing Documents
    • One minute video. Demonstrates how to sign a document via DocuSign.
  • Signer-initiated PowerForms
    • Two minute video. Signer-initiated PowerForms & how they are created.
    • Note: PowerForms are created by UT PowerForm admins based on your template.
  • Reporting
    • Three minute video. Users can view, edit, and/or schedule reports on their account's activity.