Coronavirus Updates for DocuSign at UT-Austin

Last updated on December 9, 2020

We are anticipating an increased use of DocuSign as we transition to remote university operations. Please continue to address requests for service and support to You may also use this email address to make phone support appointments.

A new DocuSign option is available for all campus employees:

  1. Inventory Services offers a DocuSign form for UT equipment/property taken off campus when needed for remote working during the state of disaster related to COVID-19. Please contact for instructions. 

There are several important considerations at this time:

  • Changes to process for authorization to send: The DocuSign Unit Contact (DUC) system provides units the means to maintain awareness of staff that are authorized to use DocuSign to conduct official university business. 
    • At this time, if a unit does not have a DUC, their active staff and faculty will be authorized to send DocuSign documents upon request and the DUC at the highest level in their reporting chain will be notified.
      • Additional training and guidance will be provided to the new user.
    • If a unit has not been using DocuSign but has an urgent need to collect a critical signature, the DocuSign support team will assist in the process or even send the document on behalf of the unit, as needed.
    • Contact DocuSign support to gain authorization to send DocuSign documents.
  • Instructions for self-signing: If you have a document to send out that requires your signature we have step-by-step guide available online. Phone support is also available by appointment
  • Logistics and coordination for sending forms and authorizations to university executive officers and processing offices: Please refer to the following two links for information about sending DocuSign documents to university units:
  • It is recommended that you engage DocuSign support to assist with coordination between units.